The Compassionate Press Online Launch


Hey there, its Lisa here one of the creators and editors from the Compassionate Press.
If you have landed here from our intro video - welcome to the team - we need people like you - people who want to make a difference in the world and are looking for a way to do this.

The compassionate press is a website devoted to expanding people’s understanding of our global community by challenging perspectives, helping people to see another side of the story, debunking myths, increasing tolerance, compassion and care. And it also aims to supporting people to use social medial to to create a positive tsunami of compassion across the world.

The press part relates to story telling - recognising how how much more memorable stories are in than hard cold facts and so much easier to share. This is age old proven method of sharing information.

Our mantra is to create a more compassionate world, story by story, person by person

We dream of a more compassionate and equitable world. A world with no borders, where one country is no more important than another, one person is no more important than another. A global perspective that treasures the earth and every person in it. A world where people consider the impact of every action they take on others, known or unknown.

On our website you’ll find stories to inspire you, a collection of TED talks to challenge you, noteworthy projects that you might like to support, and most importantly 4 ways that you can make a difference right now. The only thing they cost is a little of your time.

Consider this: It is possible to move a mountain if enough people pick up and carry a single stone. Could you carry a stone or two?

This site has nothing to do with money and everything to do with compassionate action. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, but more importantly. read a story or two, join the mailing list, and become an ambassador by sharing it widely.

We are at the beginning of our journey, our website is young and yet to be developed, so please be patient and supportive as we find our way. Its success will depend on the development of a team of volunteers and supporters to propel it forward. If you have skills that you could contribute and would like to offer some voluntary support (eg website development and maintenance, you tube videos, comment moderation, editorial, marketing, networking) - please drop us an email.

Thanks - and I hope you join our journey for a more compassionate world.


  1. Fiona Cockington on January 1, 2020 at 4:18 pm

    I’m interested in facts rather than opinions, accurate information and innovative solutions rather than problems.’
    Congratulations on the launch of compassionatepress. we need inspired leadership.

  2. Fiona Cockington on January 18, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    I challenge people reading this to share their insights and knowledge about practical things that can be done by our leaders to ensure a better future for the next generation.
    Change is not easy or simple, it is complex and their are costs involved some people may have to sacrifice their livelihood. We need innovative solutions and ways to facilitate change.
    Thinking outside the box.
    Eg I might be wrong but I think it is good that after years of worry about our river Murray and Adelaide’s water supply we now have a desalination plant fully functioning putting water back into the river and ensuring Adelaide’s water supply for the future.

  3. Justin Hamilton on March 17, 2020 at 11:42 am

    Long time reader, first time commenter — so, thought I’d drop a comment..
    — and at the same time ask for a favor.

    Your wordpress site is very simplistic – hope you don’t mind me asking what
    theme you’re using? (and don’t mind if I steal it? :P)

    I just launched my small businesses site –also built in wordpress like yours– but the theme slows (!) the site down quite a bit.

    In case you have a minute, you can find it by searching for “royal cbd” on Google
    (would appreciate any feedback)

    Keep up the good work– and take care of yourself during the coronavirus scare!


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