The Website Theme Art

“Compassion” Theme Art

By Lisa Cockington

The theme art for this website (see the texture down the left hand side of the front page) was my expression of what compassion meant to me, painted in impasto which offers thick, glorious texture. Here’s an explanationPink is the colour of compassion and cues the soft colour palette of the artwork.  The green represents the hills and trees, the blue the sometimes turbulent ocean, and together they represent the earth/our world.  The texture provides the depth and complexity of the human race.  The pink represents the love and compassion that holds it all together, dotted across the world, ensuring diversity is not divisive but harmonises our existence. Its an aspirational piece of the world I would like to see. You can purchase this original artwork through Big HArts (and 50% will go to a compassionate charity of your choice. Once the choice is made – $10 from every future print sold will also be donated to this charity -so your original donation creates an ongoing investment beyond the artwork you receive.