The Story Behind Big HArts

To understand Big HArts, it may be useful to understand the person behind it.

A multi passionate creative person is driven to achieve many things, he or she no sooner starts one project and another idea hits. It captivates the mind with equal attention - "which should I do next? Do I finish this one, and then do the next, or will I forget this great idea whilst I'm completing the first?"

Ahh, the dilemnas of the creative. In my case, I have a strong desire to make a difference in the world, whilst also loving to create beautiful, interesting things. Like paintings, creative designs, well anything really that involves making something, and learning new skills. Put a few different media in front of me and lock the door to the outside world and I'm happy as a pig in mud.

Except then I'm not really achieving much for the world am I? Perhaps I should stick to the more meaningful things in life, rather than the simple pleasures of art? Torn. Which should I do?

I've chosen to do both. Big HArts represents a fusion between my art and creative design business and my desire to make a difference. It represents the philanthropic arm of my art studio. Art purchased from this program will provide donations to worthy compassionate causes. I'm still setting this up, but here's how it will work.

Purchase the original artwork, and choose a compassionate cause from the list. 50% of the purchase price will sent to this project as a donation.

The artwork will remain in the program, available as a print, and 20% of any print sales will continue to go to this same cause every time its purchased.

To purchase, click on the picture of the artwork you are interested in, and you will be directed to the checkout on my creative studio website.

At the moment I'm offering the theme art from this website - you can read about it here, but will add to this over time. If you are interested in purchasing this before I've set up the system, you can email me here.

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